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  • ΒΟΥΛΑ ΣΑΜ : καλησπερα! ενδιαφέρομαι να δώσω κατακτήριες για την ψυχολογία στο ΑΠΘ....γνωρίζει κανείς θέματα?
  • mar1city :
  • nikopapa966 : ΤρελοςΦοιτητης!!  με ΔΩΡΕΑΝ 4000 θεματα!!!
  • Nancygeo : Ηθελα να ρωτήσω αν υπάρχουν θέματα εξετάσεων για μεταπτυχιακού φοιτητες
  • lop : χρειαζομαι παλια θεματα και σημειωσεις στατιστικης 1 απο το τμημα κοινωνιολογιας στο πανεπιστημιο αιγαιου. μπορει καποιος να βοηθησει?
  • goodlife : Γεια σε όλους, είμαι νέο μέλος του φόρουμ και ψάχνω μηπως μπορεί να με βοηθησει κάποιος στη  βιβλιογραφία για τις κατατακτήριες εξετάσεις ψυχολογίας 2017 ΑΠΘ υποδεικνύωντας μου καποια σχετικά βιβλία. βιοψθχολογία,εξελικτική ψυχολογία 1, κοινωνική ψυχολογία. Ευχαριστώ για οπ
  • nikopapa966 : ΤρελοςΦοιτητης!!  με ΔΩΡΕΑΝ 4000 θεματα!!!
  • nikopapa966 : giati to site den leitourgei pia. to perisotero iliko einai ston ΤρελοΦοιτητη.
  • kiwi : kalhspera , giati ola ta pdf p paw na anoi3w einai adieia?
  • nikopapa966 : ΤρελοςΦοιτητης!!  με ΔΩΡΕΑΝ 4000 θεματα!!!
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Wood - plastic material protects the ecological environment (1 το διαβάζουν τώρα) (1) Επισκέπτες
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ΘΕΜΑ: Wood - plastic material protects the ecological environment
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Wood - plastic material protects the ecological environment 5 Months ago Κarma: 0  
<p>The wood is mainly composed of cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin, cellulose has a high tensile strength, lignin has a high compressive strength. The three major elements in the wood, not only make it flexible, but also has a high toughness. Therefore, the wood fiber material and plastic mixed together, and then put it in a dedicated mold, under high temperature and pressure conditions, the special processing technology, will be closely combined to form a new type of wood-plastic composites.</p>
<p>1. Raw materials waste plastics: polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polystyrene (PS), polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Plant straw: wood scraps, sawdust, straw, rice husk, rice bran powder, peanut shells, crop straw and so on. 2. Product Features Wood-plastic composite board both wood and plastic materials cost and performance advantages, the product has the following characteristics: 2.1 products do not need paint, do not pollute the environment, recyclable; 2.2 anti-ultraviolet, Easy to clean, easy maintenance; 2.4 moth, anti-corrosion, waterproof; 2.5 processing is simple and easy to use, easy to use; , Any wood processing machinery can be competent; 3.1 extrusion molding process by a single screw or twin-screw extruder extrusion, continuous extrusion of any length of the plate.</p>
<p> The process can be divided into single extrusion and double composite extruded sheet, composite extrusion is the appearance of wood-plastic sheeting simultaneously extruded a layer of pure plastic surface, a special occasion in the use of wood-plastic sheet. Wood composites processing technology to control the key is to prevent the mixing and molding process of plastic and sawdust thermal degradation and scorch, sawdust as organic heat stability is poor, which is easy to break down hemicellulose and lignin, aerobic In the presence of about 200 �� that smoke color. Therefore, wood-plastic composite sheet in the formulation and process technology to address the wood powder and plastic resin interface is the key to the technology.</p>
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