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  • ΒΟΥΛΑ ΣΑΜ : καλησπερα! ενδιαφέρομαι να δώσω κατακτήριες για την ψυχολογία στο ΑΠΘ....γνωρίζει κανείς θέματα?
  • mar1city :
  • nikopapa966 : ΤρελοςΦοιτητης!!  με ΔΩΡΕΑΝ 4000 θεματα!!!
  • Nancygeo : Ηθελα να ρωτήσω αν υπάρχουν θέματα εξετάσεων για μεταπτυχιακού φοιτητες
  • lop : χρειαζομαι παλια θεματα και σημειωσεις στατιστικης 1 απο το τμημα κοινωνιολογιας στο πανεπιστημιο αιγαιου. μπορει καποιος να βοηθησει?
  • goodlife : Γεια σε όλους, είμαι νέο μέλος του φόρουμ και ψάχνω μηπως μπορεί να με βοηθησει κάποιος στη  βιβλιογραφία για τις κατατακτήριες εξετάσεις ψυχολογίας 2017 ΑΠΘ υποδεικνύωντας μου καποια σχετικά βιβλία. βιοψθχολογία,εξελικτική ψυχολογία 1, κοινωνική ψυχολογία. Ευχαριστώ για οπ
  • nikopapa966 : ΤρελοςΦοιτητης!!  με ΔΩΡΕΑΝ 4000 θεματα!!!
  • nikopapa966 : giati to site den leitourgei pia. to perisotero iliko einai ston ΤρελοΦοιτητη.
  • kiwi : kalhspera , giati ola ta pdf p paw na anoi3w einai adieia?
  • nikopapa966 : ΤρελοςΦοιτητης!!  με ΔΩΡΕΑΝ 4000 θεματα!!!
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Explore the use of waste furniture resources (1 το διαβάζουν τώρα) (1) Επισκέπτες
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ΘΕΜΑ: Explore the use of waste furniture resources
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Explore the use of waste furniture resources 2 Months ago Κarma: 0  
<P>With the accelerated process of urbanization, many people consider the "two rooms for three rooms", thus, the frequency of furniture replacement is also accelerated. And for furniture, sofas, beds and other large pieces of waste furniture how to deal with it? This problem plagued many people, large pieces of waste furniture collection station does not accept, flea market do not, its approach has become a city management Need to solve the problem. Who lives in Lanzhou City Chengguan District Democratic West Road, Ms. Feng recently acquired a new bed and a group of sofa,sun rash after tanning bed was replaced by the old furniture urgent to deal with. Ms. Feng's old furniture used for too long, and it is more cumbersome, many second-hand furniture recyclers take into account the transport costs and other issues, all shook her to say no In desperation, Ms. Feng would like to directly discard these old furniture, but just thrown downstairs next to the trash, it was blocked by the property.</P>
<P>It is understood that the current recovery of the old furniture is mainly provided to the rental housing owners, but too old too old furniture even if the cheap and no one is interested, coupled with home delivery, delivery, handling and so need the cost, and Can not sell a good price, so we are reluctant to recover. When the reporter went to Minqin Street, a waste recycling station,small fiberglass trailers for sale the boss has said that the acquisition of the old wardrobe depends on the fineness, if the newer, low-cost acquisition, a little damaged do not, and the location is far away do not charge. He said that the acquisition of these large pieces of furniture both laborious and freight, and can not sell a few money, it is not possible.</P>
<P>In view of many people, recycling of waste furniture, recycling, not only save energy and environmental protection, it is worth promoting. However, it is a bit difficult to do this. Recycling and dismantling industry Changan wide said that the old goods trading,wooden metal spring furniture waste recycling are mostly personal business, size and conditions are limited, and because of low profits, so the lack of business power. "The reuse of old objects looks beautiful, furniture classification and dismantling is not difficult, but the required funds, manpower, supply, production capacity, site requirements for ordinary business households is unable to match.</P>
<P>Interview, a number of renewable resource recycling companies have expressed the hope that the Government pay more attention to the disposal of waste furniture, especially in the funds on the relevant enterprises and operators to give some subsidies. "If the government can give a certain amount of subsidies for furniture recovery, so that the relevant practitioners do not lose money,used folding chair for sale cheap I believe there will be a lot of people are willing to do this thing." Look forward to the Government to support the promotion of furniture recycling "second-hand furniture is disintegrated after not much Of the recycling value.However, from the environmental point of view, the furniture recycling on the recycling of raw materials is still very meaningful. "Spent in waste materials for many years Xu Wenguang told reporters.</P>
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