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  • nikopapa966 : ΤρελοςΦοιτητης!!  με ΔΩΡΕΑΝ 4000 θεματα!!!
  • nikopapa966 : giati to site den leitourgei pia. to perisotero iliko einai ston ΤρελοΦοιτητη.
  • kiwi : kalhspera , giati ola ta pdf p paw na anoi3w einai adieia?
  • nikopapa966 : ΤρελοςΦοιτητης!!  με ΔΩΡΕΑΝ 4000 θεματα!!!
  • nikopapa966 : Στο  εχει πανω απο 4000 θεματα!!!
  • nikopapa966 : «link»
  • nikopapa966 : ΘΕΜΑΤΑ ΕΞΕΤΑΣΤΙΚΗΣ ΕΔΩ!! «link»
  • gpp : Στο έχει περισσότερα θέματα!
  • nikopapa966 : .... μπες, και θεματα θα βρεις!
  • nikopapa966 :  ανω απο 4000 (!) παλαια θέματα εξεταστικησ στον ΤρελοΦοιτητη!!
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of the need to pay attention 2 Months ago Κarma: 0  
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<p>will fall into the trap of family Xiaobian to sort out some of the renovation contract trap knowledge, and here we share together. Trap one: deliberately increase the decoration of some designers in the design of the project deliberately increase decoration projects, do not need to do a place where the beam beam, there is no need to place the ceiling hanging ceiling. As a result, the decoration price will be much higher, the Commission will increase the number of designers. To deal with this trap, consumers must </p>
<p>be clear about their living needs. If there is a high cost in the design, and no practical value of the project, you must adhere to their own requirements. Trap two: give up on the high pull back to get some of the building materials manufacturers and designers privately agreed, as long as the designer used their materials in the design, and finally by the building materials business to the designer rebate. So designers in the design, the use of these materials have a rebate. Even if there are other cheaper prices, better </p>
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